* Elements of the five learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (2009) can be demonstrated through Dance Magic classes.

Some class objectives:

* Children are introduced to the dance components of space (levels), time (slow, fast) and energy (weak, strong). They explore various ways of moving.

* Children learn the basics of music- beat, rhythm, pitch, duration, tempo and dynamics.

* Children’s self-confidence, imagination and body awareness are enhanced through self-expression.

* Children’s listening, concentration, observation and decision-making skills are developed.

* Children increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance and agility.

* Children will practice following directions, rules, sharing, respecting others, co-operation and communication.

* Children will demonstrate a variety of basic locomotor and non-locomotor skills.

* Children will develop hand-eye co-ordination through manipulative skills.

* Children’s recognition of colour, shape, number and letter will be enhanced.

* Children’s sensory functioning: e.g. vision, hearing, touch and kinaesthesia will be improved.

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